Creating from the scratch

Breakbulk is one of the biggest events in the logistics industry. Everyone is going to be there. That's why you need a stand that pops out of the crowd.

Among the corporate colours of the other companies, we decided to build an oasis of nature. A place to have a chat while doing business. It was a great success. It was, as well, the 25th Anniversary of the company and we all celebrated it with champagne.

We managed to do everything in between just two people (apart from building the stand itself, of course). A massive campaign over all our channels (social media, website, magazines), merchandising, invitations, brochures, blog content, even interviews! This was, for sure, the capital event the company was involved in. The event of the year.

Campaign Animation

It was a huge project made by a very small team. We succeeded to deliver a beautiful and great work that received greetings from all the people at the event and online. Another time, we made a difference. You can take a look at the creative process here.


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