Let's talk a bit about myself.

Our life is a path that is walked without a map. It is our best option for drawing that map the best we can. Since my childhood, I am fascinated by the way we can visualise an idea in mind and make it memorable. It allowed me to transform those ideas to turn into something meaningful. Ever since I am
on a journey that never ends - the creative world. It took me to different parts of the world to learn about diverse disciplines and techniques, from people and cultures. Today it is the
biggest part of my life.

And the journey goes on.

If I need to choose a word to describe me, that would be versatile. I adapt myself to almost any circumstance, environment or style. I’ve been through companies, customers, countries, languages and cultures as it's being said. 

I do love a challenge that pushes me to get my best version. I am focusing on increasing my skills, learn new things and develop my career in your company.

CV & Portfolio